How to Design Your Own Custom Prom Dress Online

There are two main ways to make a custom prom dress. One is to, quite literally, design your own prom dress, by making a pattern, buying fabric, and stitching it together. If that is your goal, see our tutorial on How to Make and Design Your Own Prom Dress.

If your sewing skills are not the best, this article is the right one for you. It will deal with the second method of making a custom prom dress, which is by finding an online outlet that allows you to create custom ordered prom dresses. If your not sure about using an online vendor, see Why Design Your Own Prom Dress Online.

First you will need to find an online vendor that allows you to take a step by step process to designing your dress. Once you have done that, you will be taken through a few easy steps that will show you a representation of a finished product before you place the order.

Select a Top Style

Begin by selecting what style you would like the top of the gown to be. There are many styles to choose from, including criss cross, scoop neck, long sleeve modesty, and strapless sweetheart for an especially sexy look. Scoop neck is fantastic for framing a beautiful necklace.

Select a Skirt Style

Now you will need to put the top style together with a skirt style. Again, any good vendor will give you tons of options including, asymmetrical, a-line, straight, ball gown, and pick up styles. For more information on what styles are best for your body type, see our Prom Dress Designers Guide. Keep in mind what effect the skirt style will have on your overall silhouette, compared for the effect you are going for. If you want something a little shorter in length, you want to select the “tea length” option for your skirt.


Choose Your Dress’s Fabric

The type of fabric you choose to make your dress can have quite an impact on how the final product will look. Many girls today like the sleek sexiness of satin, but you may prefer something more along the lines of charmeuse, or perhaps something less traditional, if that is available. Don’t for get to select your size.

Color Selection

You might actually go crazy trying to pick the color you want. there really are almost too many to choose from. Keep in mind what colors are popular that season. If your not too sure, look in a fashion magazine and see what colors are most heavily featured, or ask a friend that is obsessively into fashion trends. Also not that different colors will represent you as a different kind of person. A different kind of girl wears Chocolate than the one who wears Lime. I think you can easily imagine that without too much further explanation.

Accessorize and Enhance

While a plain dress may still be gorgeous, it can be simply stunning with the right adornments and accessories. You will be able to choose to add beading, bows, sashes, and shawls to turn your prom dress into a fashion fanstastique. Use these for splashes of color, highlighting, added classiness, or opulence. Whatever you’re going for, accessories will make the dress.

The Fantastic Final Fashion

At this point you will be able to see what the finished product will look like and cost before you place your order. If you are not completely satisfied, go back through the options to tweak the look a little further. Maybe you could make your waistline pop by making the sash a contrasting color, or look more classy by adding a shawl. Once you feel as if the dress is perfect, place your order. When prom night arrives, you know that you will look absolutely stunning in a one of a kind prom dress.

Image Credit: Janet Calcaterra Black Dress

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