How to Design Your Own Custom Prom Dress Online

There are two main ways to make a custom prom dress. One is to, quite literally, design your own prom dress, by making a pattern, buying fabric, and stitching it together. If that is your goal, see our tutorial on How to Make and Design Your Own Prom Dress.

If your sewing skills are not the best, this article is the right one for you. It will deal with the second method of making a custom prom dress, which is by finding an online outlet that allows you to create custom ordered prom dresses. If your not sure about using an online vendor, see Why Design Your Own Prom Dress Online.

First you will need to find an online vendor that allows you to take a step by step process to designing your dress. Once you have done that, you will be taken through a few easy steps that will show you a representation of a finished product before you place the order.

Select a Top Style

Begin by selecting what style you would like the top of the gown to be. There are many styles to choose from, including criss cross, scoop neck, long sleeve modesty, and strapless sweetheart for an especially sexy look. Scoop neck is fantastic for framing a beautiful necklace.

Select a Skirt Style

Now you will need to put the top style together with a skirt style. Again, any good vendor will give you tons of options including, asymmetrical, a-line, straight, ball gown, and pick up styles. For more information on what styles are best for your body type, see our Prom Dress Designers Guide. Keep in mind what effect the skirt style will have on your overall silhouette, compared for the effect you are going for. If you want something a little shorter in length, you want to select the “tea length” option for your skirt.


Choose Your Dress’s Fabric

The type of fabric you choose to make your dress can have quite an impact on how the final product will look. Many girls today like the sleek sexiness of satin, but you may prefer something more along the lines of charmeuse, or perhaps something less traditional, if that is available. Don’t for get to select your size.

Color Selection

You might actually go crazy trying to pick the color you want. there really are almost too many to choose from. Keep in mind what colors are popular that season. If your not too sure, look in a fashion magazine and see what colors are most heavily featured, or ask a friend that is obsessively into fashion trends. Also not that different colors will represent you as a different kind of person. A different kind of girl wears Chocolate than the one who wears Lime. I think you can easily imagine that without too much further explanation.

Accessorize and Enhance

While a plain dress may still be gorgeous, it can be simply stunning with the right adornments and accessories. You will be able to choose to add beading, bows, sashes, and shawls to turn your prom dress into a fashion fanstastique. Use these for splashes of color, highlighting, added classiness, or opulence. Whatever you’re going for, accessories will make the dress.

The Fantastic Final Fashion

At this point you will be able to see what the finished product will look like and cost before you place your order. If you are not completely satisfied, go back through the options to tweak the look a little further. Maybe you could make your waistline pop by making the sash a contrasting color, or look more classy by adding a shawl. Once you feel as if the dress is perfect, place your order. When prom night arrives, you know that you will look absolutely stunning in a one of a kind prom dress.

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How Not to Design Your Own Prom Dress

Here’s an example of how you should not design your own prom dress.

Marche Taylor showed up to the Houston Texas ares Madison High Senior Prom wearing a custom prom dress that looked a bit more like a bikini than a prom dress. When she arrived at the Sugar Land Mariott that was hosting the school’s prom, she was informed that her prom dress did not conform to the required dress code. Marche was asked to leave, but became belligerent and demanded her money back. Due to the confrontation, the situation escalated until the police were called to escort Marche Talyor away. She was not charged.

I know that a few people out there think that Taylor should be able to wear anything she wants to the prom, but that is incorrect. Prom is a school function, and thus subjected to school rules. The school provided a dress code along with the ticket, that is similar to most any other prom dress code. The prom dress code states:

  1. Only one inch of the midsection can be shown.
  2. Bare back are acceptable
  3. Slits in the dress can be no more than three inches above the knee.
  4. See through fabrics should not be in places which reveal private body parts.
  5. Proper undergarments must be worn.
  6. Tennis shoes of any kind are unacceptable.

Here’s the video of the prom dress design gone wrong.

Before I would even get into a critique of what a hot mess this prom dress design is, it’s important to note once again that This student was aware of the required dress code. Furthermore, she was not arrested for her prom dress design, but for her belligerent behavior. She was asked to leave the prom for failing to conform to the dress code with her prom dress. It’s a pretty hot issue, but the issue here is that prom is a school function. Please take note of the code listed above when you set out to design a prom dress, or you could wind up being asked to leave.

Instead, I would opt for one of these great looking 2013 prom dresses seen in this video.

You’re probably not going to go wrong with one of those prom dress designs. For more info on how to design a prom dress the right way, read our prom dress designer’s guide.

Why Design Your Own Prom Dress Online?

Going to the prom is one of the biggest, most memorable nights of a teenage girl’s life. You want to make sure those memories are good ones, and not ones of disaster. Looking extraordinary in a fantastic prom dress is a central part of making the prom into a wonderful memory. Like weddings, proms are something that usually only occur once, or maybe twice ;) .

Also like with weddings, prom night is a night to go all out, and this includes the prom dress as well. Wedding dresses are sometimes handed down from mother to daughter, but this is not as much the case with prom dresses. Still, many will drop quite a large sum of money on their prom dress, and will also invest a great deal of time, care, and frustration in trying to get the dress that is perfect.


One way to avoid some of the hassle is to design your own prom dress online. A good prom dress can easily cost $100 or more! Unfortunately, this can be well out of the price range of many individuals. Don’t despair. Many online sellers offer designer dresses at discounted prices. You should have no difficulty in finding a high quality designer prom dress for only $75 or less.

Online shopping is one of the greatest new technologies. It might not be new in the bleeding edge sense, but in the historical sense, it is a fairly recent development. Shopping online allows you to draw from a much bigger selection of inventory than would be available offline. You will have your choice of just about any designer that appeals to you. You also have every color and style available, because you pick the design. Whether it’s a puffy prom dress, tulle skirt, and aline prom dress, empire waist, or a sheath skirt, you will have the ability to order it in just the color and style that is perfect for you.

It is less exhausting as well. There is no commute. If you tire of browsing, you simply step away from the computer and do something else for a while. It’s not a problem, the internet is always open. You can resume your shopping whenever you feel ready. This is why prom time can be made so much easier if you design your own prom dress online.

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Tips for Online Prom Dress Shopping

It used to be that when prom time approached, it was necessary to go from one store to another to find the best prom dress. After all, prom night is a huge occasion in the life of a teen girl. Even after the time consuming and exhausting process of running all over town looking for the perfect prom dress, many girls still had to settle for something that was not the imagined ideal.

These days, more and more girls are looking to online prom dress designers to find that ideal prom dress. This takes less time, as it does not involve running all around town, from store to store, and mall to mall. When you design your own prom dress online, you can stay in the comfort of your own home, and you are not beholden to the schedule of a retail outlet. The internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No matter what your body type, or income, and no matter what style or color you want, it is no doubt available online. However, shopping for a prom dress online can still present some difficulties. I hope to help you get started, without having to encounter these difficulties, with this guide to finding the perfect prom dress online.

The best place to start is by taking your body type into account. This will help you to target the right prom dress style, because certain styles are great to complement some body types, but do not look so great on other body types. Pear shaped girls will have different needs than straight body types. Petite girls will require different styles than tall girls will. From here, you need to decide on a few possible styles.

One downside of shopping online is that you can’t try on the dress to see how it fits. There are two ways you can handle this situation. One is to go to a retailer and do some sizing. If you do this it is important to do your sizing based on the designer that you will most likely purchase from, because sizing is not consistent from one designer to the next. Another way to determine the right fit is to Look at online sellers that provide a chart that lets you take your measurements and choose the correct size from there.

When buying your prom dress online, or even offline, it is essential that you do not wait until the last minute. This is more important with online purchases, however, because if there is a problem, it will take time for shipping back and forth. You will want to inspect your designer prom dress to make certain that there are no defects. Also, you might want to consider making a few adjustments to get the perfect fit. If you know how, you can most certainly do this yourself. Otherwise, you may need the assistance of a reputable tailor. In most cases, this still will be fairly inexpensive.

When you do finally purchase your prom dress online, it’s important that you do a few things in the process. First, you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable website. You will want to look for indicators, like a known credit card verification, and valid security certificates. The URL (web address in the address bar) on any “Buy” page should always begin with “https://” instead of just “http://”. Note the “s” in the first example. This tells you that it is an encrypted page.

I know that it is a little bit tedious, but make sure to check the details of their return policies. It will surely be less of a nuisance to sort through a few paragraphs, or page of legalese than it would be to find out that returns are difficult when you actually need to make one. Hopefully this won’t be necessary, but it is still better to be prepared.

Along the same note, you want to keep a good record of all transactions. A reputable seller will send email notification of the transaction, but it is still a good idea to print out your confirmation page and keep it in a safe place, just like you would with the receipt from an offline retailer. This is another step that you will hopefully have no need for, but if you do need it, you want to make sure that the necessary information is easily accessible.

It’s not hard to shop online. Once you know where to start, it’s easy to find the perfect dress for the right price from the comfort of your own home. I hope that these tips will help you to design your own prom dress online, and look fantastic on the big night.

How to Turn Your Prom Dress Design into a Real Prom Dress

When it comes to turning prom dress drawings into real items, many people reflexively think that they can’t do that. While that may be true for some, it doesn’t mean that it’s true for you. It isn’t always easy to turn your prom dress designs into real life items, but it is certainly possible to do. If you would like to know how, then this is the article for you.

As I stated before, many prom dress designers think that it is too difficult to turn their drawings into real prom dresses. One of the reasons for this is that while some are able to draw, they think that sewing will be too difficult a task to do. Sure, you may not be able to make top notch finished products on the first few tries, especially if you are unfamiliar with how to use a sewing machine, but it is relatively easy to learn to sew. You have many resources available to you, including alteration training courses, how-to courses, tutorial videos, and, of course, plenty of text manuals available.

Another thing that many potential prom dress designers face is not having the necessary supplies on hand to turn their drawings into real items. Some also may feel that they do not have the money needed to purchase the needed supplies. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to get started, even if you are on a budget. You may be able to find someone who is willing to let you borrow a sewing machine for a week or two. You could also buy one that is used. There is no reason that you need to purchase a new sewing machine. Some good places to look are yard sales, thrift stores, and online auction sites. It’s also easy to find discount fabric suppliers online.

As you can see, it is more than possible to turn you prom dress drawings into real prom dresses, if that is something that you would like to do. When you design your own prom dress, you will not only end up with something that looks fabulous, you will also have something that is meaningful, because you were the creator of your prom dress. When you are at the prom, everyone will say, where did you get that great prom dress, and you let them know how you have a one of a kind, custom made prom dress.

How to Find a Plus Size Prom Dress

What kind of prom dress do you wear if you are a plus sized girl? While it’s possible to buy off the rack at department stores, and other traditional clothing outlets, more and more specialty shops are catering specifically to plus sized women. This is certainly an option that you might wish to consider.

When shopping at plus sized clothing stores, many women can feel like it isn’t worthwhile, but plus size clothes aren’t what they used to be. Thanks to an increased demand for plus sized clothing, more and more designers are starting to cater to the needs of fuller figured women. It used to be that plus sized clothing was not at all fashionable, but this is not true of today’s plus size fashions. You can now dress like a fashion model in beautiful designer clothing. This also includes the options available when it comes to prom dresses.

There are now so many options that are designed to make you look great, hide those problem areas, and accentuate the positive features that you would want to emphasize. You can find retailers that carry plus size prom dresses in many shopping malls, or shopping plazas. In fact, it’s pretty easy to avoid the craziness of the mall, and find a plus size outlet in a shopping center. You can also find such places by looking in the phone book, and online business directory, or by asking friends for recommendations.

Of course, you can also look to online retailers that cater to plus sized clientèle. What’s nice about shopping online is that you are often given a larger selection to choose from. This means that there are more styles available to choose from. Let’s not also forget that online shopping is open 24 hours a day. You can look at prom dress designs any time, day or night, from the comfort of your own home. There’s no hassle of trying to get around crowds, and no fighting traffic. You can find many places online that you can design your own prom dress, just styled to your plus sized needs.

If you are plus sized, please do not feel like the options for you are limited. It is more than possible to find that perfect prom dress. You can find many designers that are offered at a discount, so you will be able to look fantastic, even on a budget. The plus sized designs available in today’s market may surprise you in terms of what you are able to find available for sale.

Prom Dress Designers Guide

When it’s prom night, it’s time to look amazing. Prom night is something that we all eagerly anticipate, and we all want that dress that will outshine all the rest. However, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. There are so many styles to choose from, it can be easy to be overwhelmed. No need to fret, you’ve come to just the right place to help you select the correct prom dress.

Classic Prom Dress Styles

Trends come and go, but there are some styles that are always fashionable. The high waistline of an Empire dress is perfect for hiding that tummy, or wide waist. It also can give shorter girls the illusion of being a little bit taller.

Sheath dresses are great for tall, thin girls. This design conforms to the body’s outline. Many sheath dresses are sleeveless. An A-line prom dress is perfect for hiding wide hips or big thighs. A-Line dresses flare out from the waist, giving the illusion of a nice hourglass figure. The width of the bottom of the dress also covers the width of the waist and thighs. Some people call the A-Line a princess cut.

If you have long legs and a nice hourglass figure, a high-low gown may be just the prom dress you are looking for. These are long and flowing in the back and a little shorter in the front. Tea-length dresses fall just below the knees. They may have sleeves or be sleeveless. The bodice of the dress is fitted. Tea-Length prom dresses are perfect for tall, thin girls that want to look just a little flirty.

The bouffant gown has a puffy sheer silk or rayon skirt. This gown is perfect for the girl that needs to hide thick legs. It’s also called a tulle skirt. The ball gown is a classic. It features a full, floor length skirt that begins at the waist.

Let’s not forget our plus size girls. There is no shortage of prom dress styles made just for you. Empire waistlines and A-Line dresses are perfect for big hips and big waists. Some colors that will work well with this body type are bold gemstone colors like turquoise, fuchsia, and emerald. Other birthstone colors will work great as well.

Pleats complement a plus size design very nicely. Flat pleats with an empire waist will have you looking fantastic! Pleats also give visual interest to any prom dress, plus size or not. No prom dress would be complete without some sort of embellishment. Sequins, bows, textures, patterns, beads, and rhinestones all add that wow factor that distinguishes a prom dress from an ordinary dress. All of these embellishments can be used to draw the eye away from a problem area and toward a more appealing body feature.

Another style that’s great for plus sizes is the pick up prom dress. These have patterns of gathered fabric pinned together. Many other styles also help draw the eye away from problem areas and to areas of interest.

No matter what your needs, there are plenty of great prom dress styles to choose from online. Whether you are petite or plus size, or have a large or small budget, you will be able to look great at the prom in your designer prom dress.

Welcome to Design Your Own Prom Dress Online

Prom night should always be a memorable experience, and that also means looking stunning in your prom dress. I hope to help provide you with the basic information that you need to find just the right prom dress design. Whether you’re tall and thin, plus size, or petite, there is a style to suit your needs, and I’ll be sure to point you the way as you design your own prom dress online.